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Swollen Gums Treatments

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Swollen Gums Treatments

Although there are prescription drugs that can help with swollen gums, they are usually unnecessary and can have worse side effects. In extreme cases, your dentist may prescribe a mouth rinse with hydrogen peroxide, an antibiotic or a corticoid topical ointment. Again, these are only prescribed in extreme cases of chronic swollen gums where other treatments were not effective.

For safer, effective relief from swollen gums, try some of the treatment options below:

  • Proper Hygiene - while using any remedy, it is important to continue practicing proper oral hygiene. Switch to a milder toothpaste/mouth rinse and brush teeth gently 3 times a day, after meals.

  • Nutrition - Malnutrition can exacerbate a swollen gum condition. Therefore, proper nutrition and diet is equally important. Make sure to eat healthy, supplementing Vitamin C and B when necessary. Avoid hard foods and candy that can damage the gum line.

  • Denture, braces and retainers - See your dentist and make sure your oral hardware is fitted properly and that you have no allergies or reactions.

  • Prescriptions - As mentioned, if swollen gums persist and there is damage to the affected area, a dentist may prescribe an anti-inflammatory, antibiotics or other steroidal topical medications. All of these prescriptions have side effects, and will only be prescribed in extreme circumstances.

  • Surgery - In the most extreme cases, when gums swell and cover the teeth altogether, a dentist may recommend gum surgery, effectively removing excess gum tissue and draining the swollen areas. If your swollen gums are severe enough to consider surgery, see your dentist or physician immediately.

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Swollen Gums Treatments